Coventry City of Breastfeeding 2021

Various locations, June 2021

Professor Debra Bick of Warwick University Medical School’s Maternity Themed Clinical Trials Unit discusses breastfeeding policy and research of the last thirty years.

Breastfeeding took centre stage in June 2021 when The Holding Time Project opened in Coventry. This inter-disciplinary, multi-channel, multi-media art project was co-created by mothers, as part of a lottery funded initiative by Visual Artist Lisa Creagh.

The Holding Time Project celebrated the diversity of breastfeeding in Coventry, whilst overturning stereotypes, challenging assumptions about breastfeeding  and encouraged greater understanding and awareness in the whole community. The project included writing, photography, video and installation shown in various locations across the city as well as online and on social media:

My Breastfeeding Journey

After a series of six weekly workshops, a small group of mothers created finished pieces of writing that formed the basis of a radio program for CWR. The workshops were run by Rachel New, writer and radio producer for at BBC CWR in partnership with Voluntary Arts. The programme aired on April 28th, 2021 as a launch for the Coventry City of Breastfeeding event.


Mothers were asked for their views on breastfeeding, whether positive or negative. These interviews conducted by the artist, were edited and released on social media as five minute VLOGS to accompany the Coventry events:

Breastfeeding Portraits

Emilie chats between shots in the Covid safe temporary studio, Arcadia Gallery 2021 (c)John Whitmore Photography

New work, designed to raise awareness of the diversity and range of mother’s breastfeeding in Coventry was created as part of the project. Mothers were invited to pose for portraits by the artist at a temporary COVID safe studio at Arcadia Gallery. The resulting portraits and animations were shown at University Hospital Coventry and Warwick Labour Ward and a two week exhibition at Arcadia Gallery, City Arcade, Coventry.

Animated portraits featuring music by Helen Anahita Wilson

Breastfeeding Buddy social media campaign

This multi-platform campaign during National Breastfeeding Week highlighted the unsung heroes of breastfeeding – the partners, mothers friends and children who offer comfort and support through breastfeeding difficulties. This campaign involved the whole city in a community portrait of all the unseen faces behind breastfeeding mothers.