coventry mother portraits

For the Holding Time Project during Coventry City of Culture 2021, mothers are invited to participate in a brelfie campaign to highlight the diversity of breastfeeding choices in the city

Coventry City of Culture

Monday 22nd March – Saturday 27th March 2021

Breastfeeding mothers are sought for a photo shoot during the launch in late Spring. This photoshoot is intended to raise awareness of the diversity and range of mothers breastfeeding in Coventry and will be exhibited at UHCW Labour Ward. Mothers are invited to pose for portraits by the artist in a covid safe studio at Arcadia Gallery in the last week of March 2021. The resulting portraits will be shown at University Hospital Coventry and Warwick May/June/July 2021.

We are particularly interested in images that reflect the ethnic diversity of the city, the breastfeeding choices made by everyone, from teen mothers, to mothers of multiple children, tandem feeding mothers and mothers expressing breastmilk. Whatever your breastfeeding decision, please get involved.

Update: The portrait sessions are now full, but there are still a few spaces on the Storytelling Workshops, starting Monday, March 8th. There will also be a social media campaign celebrating the unsung heroes of breastfeeding in Coventry and exhibitions later in the year.

For more information on how you can get involved, please fill in the form below.