‘When people tell you stuff, you assume it’s right’

Suzanne talks about the differences she has experienced growing up in Birkenhead, where breastfeeding rates are low, compared to Indonesia where she has been working and where breastfeeding is the norm. Suzanne advises education as key to successful breastfeeding but also, as a single parent, acknowledges the key support she received from her mother and the local infant feeding support team at Koalas North West.

“My health visitor seemed quite knowledgeable (from what I know) but that’s one of the challenges I think of having a baby is we don’t know. I don’t know everything about babies, so when people tell you stuff, you assume it’s right because you just don’t know and one of my biggest stresses is What don’t I know? I should be reading more..I should be watching videos, I should be doing classes..there’s a wealth of information and I just don’t know“.…read more

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