Natalie W

I just thought I could like, ask for the help, and it would be there

Natalie talks about how her sons tongue tie wasn’t diagnosed for the first four weeks because the hospital where she gave birth didn’t automatically refer her to breastfeeding support. Natalie’s son had a tongue tie which was eventually cut after she paid to have it cut privately.

“I just thought, Oh, the help that I need, like when I want to breastfeed will just be there. How wrong was. I just thought I could like, ask for the help, and it would be there. That was a bit of a shock to the system. And then it was like, right, well, I’m gonna have to teach myself now. And yeah, that’s what I did.”

“I eventually after a couple of days called them up because I was managing, okay during the day and and weirdly, if I went out and about, I just had to get on with feeding so I didn’t faff around. And it just seemed to work better when I was out of the house. Three o’clock in the morning, was just horrendous….”

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