Royal Sussex

Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton

On permanent display at Royal Sussex County Hospital, are six mother portraits form the Holding Time series. These works feature Brighton mothers feeding their infants and include one mother who is also a midwife at the hospital. Some of the mothers featured also have been interviewed about their personal breastfeeding experiences and these insights can be found via links to the project Youtube channel.

Post Natal Lead Midwife, Angelinna Steinegger’s accompanying BLOG post commemorates the hanging and celebrates the importance of the work of the Post Natal Midwife.

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Stories, Places, Spaces

I quickly realised that I needed a whole new map of my city: one that outlined the best places to meet, sit, feed without feeling awkward or in the way. better still, I needed places with built-in free activities ; mother groups, childrens activities for friends with toddlers and anywhere, ANYWHERE WITH CAKE.

The Ecology of Care

Open Eye Gallery Launch, September 2022 Against the backdrop of ships on the river Mersey blowing their whistles in unison, the group exhibition The Ecology of Care opened at Open Eye Gallery last week. It was surreal and perhaps appropriate, that the mother of the nation, our female icon and titular head, should be honoured…

Measuring Impact

Researchers at Wolverhampton University are gathering data on Holding Time’s impact on the community online and offline through surveys about breastfeeding attitudes In this BLOG post Dr Lisa J. Orchard, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing at the University of Wolverhampton, introduces their innovative study, designed to measure the…


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