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This work is not possible without the support of people like you. Whether it’s through contributing your story, your money or your time, all efforts to bring this work to ever larger numbers of people is greatly appreciated. Below are some of the ways you can help:

  1. Support an exhibition of Holding Time at a community centre or hospital.
  2. Support more breastfeeding portraits
  3. Offer your story to the website in the form of an interview or written account of your breastfeeding experience
  4. Recommend the website and project to others you know it will benefit

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Breastfeeding Hub at ONCA Gallery in Brighton, 2018
  1. There is enormous need for positive images of breastfeeding mothers but little or no budget for even temporary exhibitions. Your contribution could help towards an exhibition at a hospital, health centre or community hub.

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Sabrina and Isabelle, 2018

2. Your support could finance more breastfeeding portraits like this portrait of Sabrina and Isabelle, completed for the expressing room in the Rose Ward Royal Brompton Hospital. You can read more about this commission for the hospital and Sabrina’s story here.

Read Sabrina’s Story.

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Louise talks about the experience of breastfeeding on a recent podcast

3. Every time we record new stories the picture of what it is to breastfeed grows deeper and richer. Perhaps you have a unique insight you would like to share? Was breastfeeding a saving grace for you? or was it the hardest journey of your life. We want to shine a light on real lived experiences in all their complexity and it happens one story at a time.

Vickie and Indie, 2018

4. “This is so needed!” is something we hear frequently. Yes, there is alot of information about breastfeeding out there but this project offers immediate unmediated access to lived experience. Do you know someone who would benefit from this project? Or a community group that might be interested in hearing more? Please do share this project widely in your social and family networks. Our aim is to bring women closer together through inspiration, education and understanding.

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