Do it, it’s wonderful! Liz, mother of two talks about the camerarderie amongst breastfeeding mothers and how her expectations of a difficult time breastfeeding were proven wrong.
Louise, mother of four, talks about her experiences both as a breastfeeder and as a midwife.
Mother of two talks about her experiences of breastfeeding around the world, in particular her home country of America.
Imogen talks about the support that she had breastfeeding from midwives, her friends, her partner and the wider community in Brighton, England.
Bethania thinks about why breastfeeding statistics are so low and wonders about this changing in the future.
Polly talks about the importance of having a friend who breastfeeds at the beginning.
Adonia is a mother to a baby with a heart condition, cared for in the Rose Ward of Royal Brompton hospital. She talks about the support she has received from the hospital in maintaining her milk supply whilst her son underwent surgery and the benefits she feels he has had from breastmilk.
In the first podcast for The Holding Time Project Reena, mother of two, discusses her experience of motherhood as a powerful transformation.