Zoom Storytelling Workshops

Coventry City of Culture

8th March – 12th April 2021

Voluntary Arts in collaboration with BBC CWR Radio will be hosting creative, oral storytelling workshops for mothers who may or may not have breastfed but who have a story to tell. The workshops will be run by Rachel New, a radio producer and writer.

Storytelling gives great scope for creativity and learning, which can lead to a rapid sense of achievement and confidence building. It gives us a chance to explore texts and works that feature breastfeeding and mothers and to use those as launchpads. It also gives us chance for a cultural exchange, both within storytelling itself and breastfeeding practices in different societies and cultures. When it comes to sharing it’s often easier for people to put their own experiences within fiction which means ideas, themes, characters can be developed and explored without it being too personal and exposing. 

Rachel is looking for mother’s from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds to take part in a series of 6 workshops of approximately 1.5 hours each on Monday mornings from 8th March. This will be a space for participants to explore the cultural connection to their choice to breastfeed or not. During the 6 sessions a series of narratives will emerge and be transformed into oral stories, some of which will be recorded and played on BBC CWR. Not only is this a chance for you to find your voice when it comes to your cultural history and breastfeeding, it will also be an opportunity for connection with other mothers in a safe and gentle space.

The outcomes will be used in a BBC CWR radio programme to be aired alongside other elements of the Holding Time Project for Coventry City of Culture, summer 2021.

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