Breastfeeding Portraits

Click the name to read about each mother’s experience or follow the links to watch interviews. There are so far twenty three portraits with more planned in 2020. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates and new interviews published regularly.

Imogen and Lyra, 2017

Video Interview

Bethania and Luna, 2017

Video Interview

Polly and Louie, 2018

Video interview, 2018

Liz and Hunter & Wren, 2018

Video Interview

Louise and Bertie, 2018

Video Interview

Emma and Indiana, 2018
Sabrina and Isabelle, 2018
Vickie and Indie, 2018
Mikki and Tully, 2018
Lyndsey and Bixby 2017

Video Interview

Ella and Frank, 2017

Still images from the animations available in print up to 31″ x 25″. Prices on demand. Special rates for NHS hospitals. Visit our Exhibitions and Events page for documentation of exhibitions.

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