Celebrating Coventry’s Unsung Heroes of Breastfeeding

When we hear the term ‘breastfeeding support’ we often think about professional help but experiences show that for every breastfeeding mother, there is often at least one person who has been there for them. In some cases, perhaps just to bring a glass of water. In other cases it may be the person who sees them through the hardest times. 

We wanted to highlight the invisible hands, smiles, words and deeds of the supporters who help us on the journey of breastfeeding, whether it was a neighbour, friend, mother-in-law, partner or child. We know that there are so many people in the community that make a crucial difference.

Who could take part?

Everyone in or near Coventry with a picture or story to share! Your breastfeeding buddy might be supporting you with breastfeeding right now – or your days of breastfeeding might be a distant memory – it doesn’t matter! We wanted to celebrate all Coventry’s breastfeeding heroes new and old and show that breastfeeding isn’t a secret act – it’s at the heart of our communities.

Mothers were invited to send us a picture of their Breastfeeding Buddy and let us know what they’d like them to be celebrated for – or post it on social media, using #BreastfeedingBuddy plus #Cov2021

Coventry City of Breastfeeding

This social media campaign was part of the Coventry City of Breastfeeding project by artist Lisa Creagh for Holding Time, running throughout Coventry City of Culture 2021.

Sincere thanks to Dr Wendy Nicholls and Dr Lisa O’Connor for their assistance in designing an ethical social media campaign.

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