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Let Mothers be Well

Wellness is more than a lifestyle choice, or an expression of consumer buying power. Creating resilience takes time and work and is a right not a privilege. At Open Eye Gallery in October, we set time aside for mothers and families to come together, experience music, song, stories and talks as part of a wellbeing programme in partnership with Improving Me…

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Mothers Discuss Support for Breastfeeding (7) Your mum

“I think one of the key things that has helped me is when I gave birth, she took care of me to be able to then I was able to breastfeed so she made food for me she brought me drinks, you know all these things took care of my physical needs

And she was…

Mothers Discuss Support for Breastfeeding (4) Midwives

“So she took the tube out then she said ‘Michelle is going to feed the baby. She’s going to come back every time you ring her. So just ring her, every time baby needs feeding and every two or three hours’ . And it was brilliant!”


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