It is still invaluable if he is ill

by Mikki

Breastfeeding in the beginning was great – I watched the whole box season of breaking bad & spent a lot of time in bed eating chocolate 🙂 Tully I swear was born shouting ‘boob’ he did the self wriggle and latch within minutes of being born and we didn’t look back. I was fortunate not to have any problems but he was slow to put on weight at first & recover his birth weight despite being seemingly always attached- breastfeeding on demand took on a whole new meaning when a midwife demanded I breastfeed in front of her (as I must’ve been doing something wrong and would need to supplement with formula if I couldn’t get him gaining faster) Fortunately she couldn’t fault his latch and I stuck to my guns about exclusive breastfeeding.

The same midwife had told me on day 3 of my 5day labour I would end up needing a c-section (I didn’t) I had more faith thankfully that my boy & my body knew what to do than all the medical staff that wanted to induce me at 18days ‘overdue’. My first public breastfeed was at a quiet pizza express after registering his birth at the town hall in Brighton. Pizza was an easy thing to eat whilst breastfeeding. I only ever had positive responses in the beginning & mastered breastfeeding in a sling quite early so he could feed whilst I was in the queue at Tesco!

I actually only really notice other breastfeeding mothers now nearly 4years on  – I was so in my own world with my baby to begin with- I really felt like we were in our own little bubble so it wasn’t anyone else’s business how or where I fed my baby. I like seeing other mums breastfeeding now as it helps to normalise it. I guess it wasn’t on my radar before getting pregnant 

As a single mum with no spare hands my boobs could actually at times become like a spare pair of hands nursing my child whilst my hands did other things (particularly when he was nursing in the sling) I have been known to make phone calls, pay bills, shop, read a book & eat & prepare food.

We still mostly co sleep (as a way of keeping warm in the winter) He rarely breastfeeds now but it is still invaluable if he is ill. Prior to this my single parenting was always 24/7 7 days a week so that included nights in the same room – nearly 4 yrs in I am hoping to have my first couple of nights out next month (and I think we’re both ready!)