Holding Time is a project creating a different new language for breastfeeding, and in this way challenge the cultural stigmas surrounding breastfeeding.

The Holding Time project is a four screen animation and series of stills, accompanied by a program of interviews with participating mothers, BLOG posts by Maternal Researchers provide context for the work which is ongoing, with a Timemapping APP planned for 2020 along with workshops across the UK.

The whole project offers a creative reinterpretation of our concept of Time and how this influences our experience of Motherhood generally and breastfeeding in particular.

In the animation (see clip above), the viewer is invited to watch twenty three different mothers feed in sequence using a technique devised to show an altered version of ‘real time’. In place of the familiar 24 frames a second, this animation is stripped out and in it’s place are four frames per second, which are pulled into solidity in tandem with the timepiece. The central timepiece uses a mathematical structure based on ancient Cosmatesque design, which is also the basis of the music by Helen Anahita Wilson accompanying the piece.


Combining a broad program of documentation and discussion, it is a political intervention, both real and virtual. We aim to empower women to share their stories and images, and open up a real and virtual space for breastfeeding mothers through education, art, discussion and research.